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  Part B

  What is success? Different people hold different views on this
question. Some think that one is successful if he can make a great deal
of money. Others argue that success means holding an important
government post. Still others believe that whoever has got a high
academic title is successful. It is clear that there are quite different
opinions on success。

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  52. Directions:

  In order to become successful, you should first of all be both
perseverant and hardworking. As you know, whatever you do, there are
always two possible results: success and failure. When you fail, you
should never lose heart. On the contrary, you must build up your
confidence and work even harder. You should always keep in mind that
perseverance is the mother of success and industry is the key to it. In
addition, you should pay great attention to you work method. It is
necessary for you to sum up your experience constantly and improve the
efficiency of your work. Finally, it is important for you to get along
well with you co-workers, care for each other and help each other. If
you follow these principles, you will certainly achieve remarkable
success in the future。

Directions: Study the following photos carefully and write an essay in
which you should

  Study the following photos carefully and write an essay of 160~200
words in which you should

  In my opinion, success means achieving brilliant results in one’s
work, that is, making outstanding contributions to the development of
the country and bringing happiness to the people。

1) describe the photos briefly,

  1. describe the photos briefly,


2) interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and

赌博大平台网址 ,  2. interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and

  In the black and white drawing above, a youth gravely contemplates a
narrow winding path heading into a forest. Perhaps he thinks that his
own future may be much like this path; full of bends and curves, thorns
and traps. The road to success is never anything but uneven and

十大网络赌博排行榜 ,3) give your point of view.

网上哪里赌博比较正规澳门十大网上博网址 ,  3. give your point of view.

澳门大赌场下载 ,  In fact, one could even say that the more successful one’s life is,
the more problems and hardships one must have overcome. The ability to
work through difficult situations and unfortunate events only makes one
stronger and more capable. Given that the road to happiness always
contains obstacles and setbacks, we should be well prepared for the
hardships that life inevitably brings, and abandon the idea that life is
smooth or easy. We must accept the fact that failures are unavoidable,
whether they are failures in examinations, in finding a job, or carrying
out a task. People who accept that their life will not always be simple
or calm are better able to handle problems when they arise. Those who
are upset by each and every small setback — and there are many people
with such attitudes— do not have much potential. Failure is mother to
success as it can strengthen one’s will. Those who can draw lessons from
failure are destined for success。

You should write 160 – 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

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What vivid pictures! One presents a young man’s face, on which the name
Beckham is painted, and the other depicts an equally disturbing
situation, where a teenager spends 300 yuan on his haircut simply
because he wants to follow Beckham’s hairstyle. Obviously, the drawer
intends to remind us how crazily these youngsters are adoring their

  How ironic the two pictures are in describing one of the most
widespread social phenomena concerning idol adoration! In the first
picture, a young man writes the name of Beckham on his face. In the
second picture, another young man spends 300 yuan in dealing with his
hair to make himself look like Beckham. The meaning conveyed in the two
pictures reveals that in current China some young people are losing

  It is everyone’s wish to have things go their way. Yet the journey
through life is not always the case and we should be prepared for the
twists and turns it offers us. This is certainly the case as shown in
the cartoon.  

The pictures really set me thinking. I cannot help associating them with
another hot word “supergirl”, which almost swept over every Chinese in
the year 2005. They are mirrors, reflecting how eager the youth are to
succeed like their icons. In recent years, with China’s steady economic
growth, the youngsters ********joyed material abundance, which,
however, does not always mean spiritual satisfaction. On the opposite,
many of them find themselves increasingly indulged in pursuing
meaningless things. They imitate whatever their icons do: how to look
cool, how to look for fun, and even how to play hide-and-seek with
reporters. They envy how successful their icons ********ome, yet
they never take a look at the thorny road, along which, their icons
climb up to success.

  I am greatly shocked by the enthusiasm for this British football
superstar shown by these two young men. Frankly speaking, things of this
kind really happen among us. Some people, especially college students,
do nothing but concentrate on imitating superstars. This does great harm
to their study and growth. If we can’t stop the worsening of this
tendency, our own culture will be damaged, and we ourselves will be the
ultimate victims.

  Twists and turns are a part of life and setbacks often happen. For
many reasons, we often have to encounter failure in a complex society.
No one can avoid or escape these unexpected changes in our daily lives;
however, failure may be a route toward success. This causes us to
reflect about what happened and as a result we build up and accumulate
experience. We are then more likely to come up with a possible solution,
and so twists and turns can turn into treasures. Edison, for instance,
the inventor of the electric light bulb, made hundreds of models that
failed before he came up with the right one. In general it is failure
that encourages us to work harder which eventually leads to success.  

Personally, I hold it self-evident that this kind of craziness will do
great harm to the youth. It is high time that they were taught how to
adore icons properly. It is the responsibility of every educational
institution to call upon the youth to learn one thing about success:
success always results from hard work.

  From my point of view, a lot of measures should be taken to save our
losing culture and re-find ourselves. In fact, some measures have
already been taken. In my university, campaigns have been launched to
educate people to pay more attention to our traditional culture and read
more books instead of focusing on our appearances. As a result, we have
witnessed some improvements but still there is a long way to go.

  Twists and turns in life are unavoidable and are not always bad. We
should have a more optimistic view on life and try to make the most of
it and draw lessons from the bumps and turns along the way。


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  the picture symbolically depicts that six lovely children from
different countries with different ethnicities get together and play
games happily in a world of harmony. It is quite obvious that the drawer
wishes to draw our attention to the most favorable social phenomenon
that cultural exchanges are gaining worldwide popularity。



  There are, to my mind, several reasons accounting for this
phenomenon of the picture. For one thing, cultural exchanges can enhance
international friendship, and people can acquire better understanding of
each other. Through cultural exchanges, they can learn of different
peoples around the world, what they believe in, how they lead their
daily life,and their traditions and customs. For another,cultural
exchanges can also greatly benefit the countries involved That is
because countries can share their achievements with each other to
stimulating their own social progress and cultural prosperity。


  Based on the above reasons, I hold that worldwide cultural exchange
is beneficial to all countries involved. As for China, the open door
policy has greatly promoted the Chinese civilization to the entire world
and vice versa. Therefore, I can firmly conclude that in the long run,
cultural exchanges will contribute to a flourishing Chinese and global
economy, as well as diversified cultures。



  A letter of Inquiry

  You wish to study at a certain foreign university. Write a letter
inquiring about the situation there as regards accommodation, fees and

  Dear Sir,

  I am a Chinese citizen who wishes to study at your university. My
plan is to start my course next term, and I would be grateful if you
would be kind enough to provide me with certain essential information。

  First, what qualifications do I need to follow a course of study at
your university? I already have a master’s degree from a university here
in China, but I wonder if there are any further academic requirements.
Second, how much are the tuition fees? Although I intend to be self –
supporting, I would be interested to hear if there are any scholarships
available for international students. Third, what is the situation as
regards accommodation? I would prefer a single room, which is more
conducive to studying, but if single rooms are expensive, I would be
willing to share。

  I look forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming

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